Euroguidance Cross-Border Seminar Belgrade

Workshop presentations:


4th October

1st session

Job search by using social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) – Katja Plazar

Distinctive skill as a part of career projects – Małgorzata Rosalska, Ph.D

Motivating pupils: Giving teenagers a taste of real life – Ján Smolka

ICT Platform for Inclusive Career Services: Virtual Counselling in Serbia – Jelena Manic Radoičić and Tamara Stanojević


4th October

2nd session

“Inventing or discovering myself?” – Credibility on the labor market – Supporting university graduates entering the workforce – Erika Juhász

SELF Kit program: a key instrument for socio-emotional development and academic performance – First presentation; Second Presentation – Dr. Adrian Opre

Promoting parental support and vocational development of 8th grade students – Suzi Rodrigues

How to develop career management skills using ICT? – Ana Janković Barović and Marija Jovanović


5th October

3rd session

Who am I in 4.0 Labour Market? – Lukáš Vlček and Michal Parlásek

GGC – gaming guidance competence – Markus Nemeth

Get up! How authorities can be attractive to the youth – Bremen Youth Career Agency (YCA) – Ina Mausolf

New paradigm and a career path “out of the box” – Dr. sc. Dunja Potočnik


5th October

4th session

Future of work – and how to get there – Dr. Anja C. Wagner

Webinars and online courses as tools in Career guidance and Guidance for mobility – Ivana Vulić, Ružica Madžarević and Sofija Petrović

ICT and gamification: opportunities and challenges for career guidance – Tomas Sprlak